Here's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to...
Become a Kayetriot of EXCELLENCE!
Mark Kaye
Kayetriot Commander
"Save the republic! Have fun doing it."
-The Kayetriot Motto
We are dedicating an entire wall of our new studio to
 100 KAYETRIOTS of EXCELLENCE who will be enshrined in our new headquarters forever!

Watch the video above to see the
Kayetriot Wall of Excellence!

  • Your name, image, and hometown will be tempered onto high-quality, high gloss, ChromaLuxe® metallic tiles. Each tile will be displayed on the "Kayetriot Wall of Excellence" for as long as we broadcast from our new state-of-the-art facility!
  • You'll receive a "Mark Kaye Show" high quality, high gloss, ChromaLuxe® metallic tile AUTOGRAPHED by each member of The Mark Kaye Show. This is our gift to you to display wherever you want so everyone will know you are a Kayetriot of Excellence.
  • You get a chance at one of 3 Golden Tickets for VIP access to the all-new "Mark Kaye Show Studio." Three tickets will be randomly included with select tiles granting bearer admission to visit a 3-hour taping of The Mark Kaye Show!

Watch the video above to see the
Kayetriot Wall of Excellence!

Be a Part of Broadcast history!

  • Each luxury tile is made in the United States of America out of high-quality ChromaLuxe®.
  • ​Each tile measures 8 x 8 and will be mounted on the Kayetriot Wall of Excellence!
  • ​Each tile will feature one photo of your choosing, the name of the person featured in the photo, and their location.
  • ​The chance to win a "Golden Ticket" which allows you the opportunity to visit the studio!
  • ​A limited number of spaces remain!
Important Message from Mark Kaye
Our new studio will be the headquarters from which we launch our revolution! But we need your help...
Hello Kayetriot!

As our country enters into one of the most important political seasons in it's history, we also find ourselves on the brink of an explosive new frontier!

We have been gifted a fantastic new space from which to produce our daily syndicated radio shows, our daily livestreams and podcasts, our thousands of monthly social media messages, and our weekly NEWSMAX TV show, as well as other international broadcast opportunities. This is the headquarters from which we will broadcast information, enlightenment, inspiration, and entertainment for all the combative, conservative Kayetriots across the globe.

Our new HQ will host Congresspeople, Senators, Governors, and perhaps even the next President. We will bring in liberty-lovin', freedom-defendin' Kayetriots from all walks of life to help us save our great republic!

This will be ground zero for our continued quest to spread the glory and honor of God, country, and the strong family values that made this country the envy of the world...and soon will again. 

But, we're starting from scratch.

As you can see in the video above we have been given a blank slate. We want to transform it into a state-of-the-art, visually stunning, political broadcast media emporium! That's gonna take work, energy, supplies, and a lot of cash. And, it's a much bigger canvas than we've ever had before, which means more paint, more lights, more wires, more decorations, more furniture, more everything!!!

That's why we have created this one-in-lifetime-opportunity for you to become a permanent part of our new "Mark Kaye Show" studio. 

A limited number of Kayetriots will be given the opportunity to purchase special tiles to be placed inside our HQ on a "Kayetriot Wall of Excellence!" You will be featured as benefactors of our daily fight for freedom and liberty. You will be honored guests in our world. You will not only be watching us every single day, but you will be proud to know that you helped us become even better than we were before.

The next few years will be important for our country, as well as The Mark Kaye Show. We have huge plans to expand our reach on radio, TV, podcasting, and social media streaming services. With your help, we can do it better, and faster, and work together to fight the powers of evil in this country and save the republic!

God bless you! 

And God Bless America!
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